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Okinawan Samurai

Once, a while back, I either posted or commented on Okinawans not being or able to be samurai. I was incorrect. As I continue my studies I am finding a lot of things I understood in the martial arts circles are incorrect. In Karate 1.0 along with some additional searches of of other sources including the Internet it appears more and more of the facts and truth are making it out there. The only difference is achieving the ability to separate the wheat from the chaff. 

It has become fact, for me and until otherwise disproven, that Okinawan were and could be samurai. Often there are differences between samurai of Japan and samurai of Okinawa but in essence they were the same, at least in a lot of ways.

The more you search out, the more you seek out the more you find and when you do you will find that even when valid it will change on you again. No wonder learning is a life long effort. Until the day you die. 

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